Barbara Cain

Author of Autism: The invisible Cord, A Sibling's Diary | Practicing Psychotherapist, for 30+ Years

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    Meet 14 year old Jenny who now shares her tell-all story about life with Ezra, her “exasperating, infuriating, absolutely amazing younger brother.” New friends, Brad and Megan and a year-long project bring surprises even her most extravagant dreams did not foresee. This authentic narrative speaks for those young and not so young who have grown up with special needs siblings.


    This award winning book takes young children through various phases of the divorce process in language they can understand and illustrated scenes they can recognize. It begins with parents who stop being friends and eventually live apart. In the end the child learns, "I will always have a mom , I will always have a dad and they will both have me."


    is a delightful and engaging book that helps children understand that it's possible to experience two contrasting feelings at the same time, such as feeling both proud and scared on the first day of school. Questions are raised throughout the book to help them cope with the tugs and pulls of emotions that simultaneous and dissimilar feelings can produce.


    This lighthearted story will show children that shy feelings don't have to get in the way of having fun and making friends. Sammy Samson is shy... too shy to speak to kind Mr. Miller, who used to be his bird-watching buddy, or to friendly Mr. Daniels, the ice cream man. But one day, when Sammy's beloved dog Sparky gets lost, Sammy forgets all about his shyness...