Barbara Cain

Author of Autism: The invisible Cord, A Sibling's Diary | Practicing Psychotherapist, for 30+ Years


“With much focus on the scientific mysteries surrounding ASD, it is possible to lose sight of the struggles families and individuals with ASD face on a daily basis. Cain brings these experiences to life and reminds us that the mysteries of the disorder are far less academic. Questions of discipline, handling inter-generational conflicts with grandparents and the complexities of raising a typically developing child alongside a child with a disability are just some of the issues highlighted here. More importantly, Cain reminds us that siblings are at the forefront of each challenge, every triumph and are profoundly affected as a result.”

- Somer Bishop, Ph.D in Clinical Psychology

“Let me commend the author on writing such an accurate portrayal of living with an autistic sibling - I felt like I was Jenny! The parts where Ezra runs away, throws a temper-tantrum in a restaurant, Jenny's parents fight constantly, only one parent was able to go to Jenni's events...were all spot on.”

- Anna Damiani, Teacher & Adult ASD Sibling

“With an exquisite ear for language and heartfelt empathy, Barbara Cain has captured the psychological essence of an adolescent sibling`s experience with autism. Offering a perspective not previously seen in the literature, this engaging narrative will not only be useful for professionals who work with families impacted by autism, it will have great popular appeal for both general and young adult audiences.”

-Jane Giddan, MA, CCC-SLP,

Professor Emerita, Dept. of Psychiatry, University of Toledo Health Sciences Center;
Creator of; 1996 Professor of the Year, Autism Society of Northwest Ohio